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Pest Control Services : Mosquitoes

The mosquitoes are one of the dangerous insects. On 20th August 1897, Sir Ronald Ross discovered the role of mosquitoes in transmission of malaria. Since then, this insect is bothering the humans all over the world.

In Bangladesh 4 common species of mosquitoes are observed. They are 1) anaphales 2) culex 3) aedes 4) mansoni. The life cycle of mosquitoes is of 4 stages- eggs, larva, pupa and adult mosquito. It takes about 8-10 days for complete development. The 1st three stages are associated with water and hence it is important to tackle stagnant permanent water bodies like swamps, drains etc. or temporary water bodies like rain water collection, Collection of water at construction sites, collection of water in tins, tires, tubes, water cooling towers etc.

The adult male mosquitoes feed on nector from plants and they are suckers, while female misquotes feed on human/ animal blood. In urban areas due to absence of cattle population, the female mosquitoes has to feed areas due to absence of cattle population blood meal is a must for female mosquito. The development of malarial parasite takes place in both human and mosquito.

THE PROBLEM – Mosquitoes causes : Nuisance causing disturbance of sleep and concentration particularly early hours of morning (dawn) and late evening (dusk) The bite causes painful swelling and allergic reactions.They are responsible for transmission of dangerous diseases like Malaria, Filaria, Dengue, viral and Japanese encephalitis etc causing large scale mortality and morbidity. The incidence of Malaria is highest among communicable diseases

THE SOLUTION – The mosquito control measures consist of : Locating and treating breeding sites to manage Mosquito larva with larvicide’s. Residual spraying of adult mosquito resting place with insecticides. Mechanical ways consisting of removing stagnation, use of mosquito repellents, use of bed nets etc.

Biological Control : We have the necessary expertise and experience in mosquito management.