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Pest Control Services : House Fly

It is commonly associated with humans in house and hence the name housefly. The most common species Musca Domestic is found all aver the world. The life cycle consists of 4 stages namely-eggs, larva (maggots), pupa and adult fly consisting total 6 to 12 days under optimum conditions. The files breeds on decaying, fermenting, rotting, organic waste matter in garbage, waste from food processing, or cow dung, horse dung waste.


THE PROBLEM - The presence of files indicate unhygienic condition in surroundings. The fly mechanically carry various germs due to its hairy and spiny body, its habit of vomiting or regurgitating on food to liquefy solid food for east absorption and its habit of sitting on filthy waste and again on prepared food. It is one of the dangerous insects as.

According to microbiologists more than 100 pathogenic organisms (disease carrying germs) are transmitted by files. Bacteria of typhoid, cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis and viruses of polio, jaundice, diarrhea, trachoma, protozoa of amoeba, eggs and cysts of various food items.

Presence of files adversely affects tourism, hotels and hospitals. Flies cause nuisance to hores, cattles, humans as, in order to drive them away they require to carry frequent movements which results in disturbance in concentration and cause irritability.


THE SOLUTION - The control and preventive measures consists of following proper and hygienic methods for waste disposal, maintenance of cleanliness, prevention of breeding and killiong files with adequate, proper use of insecticides by following correct methodology and techniques. We offer our service to help solve you problem. General Pest Control treatment at prescribed intervals buys peace amongst many other things.

Safety and environmental consideration are becoming so important today, that every pest/insect beginning to require individual strategy. Unlike old times, chemicals are now practically odorless, non-staining, Non-toxic and have long residual effect so residual effects so as to avoid frequent spraying of insecticides.

Cleanliness and hygiene is today the first ingredient of any establishment – be it your home, your work place or a place where you go for entertainment. But for that to remain for all times to come, and not have permanent guests in form of pests, it becomes mandatory to have a general pest control treatment at necessary intervals. For you surely to do not want the woodwork, fixed furniture and expensive items – all chosen with care become food for insects.