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Pest Control Services : Cockroach

Invented advanced pest control techniques. We study the problem & device appropriate treatment for the specific developed innovative pest control treatment for control of cockroach & ants, this treatment is absolutely non-hazardous to human beings & other pest in house holds.

HERBAL TECHNOLOGY - The presence of files indicate unhygienic condition in surroundings. The fly mechanically carry various germs due to its hairy and spiny body, its habit of vomiting or regurgitating on food to liquefy solid food for east absorption and its habit of sitting on filthy waste and again on prepared food. It is one of the dangerous insects as.

Bait-stimulate & attract cockroaches for feeding. There is no risk of food contamination & Consumption by pet & Children No objectionable order. Bait persists of or long terms & newly hatched & immigrated cockroaches are also killed. Bait application require very short time.