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1. Mosquitoes:
2. Flies: Bottle flies,cluster flies,fruit flies,house flies.
3. Cockroaches:German cockroaches,oriental cockroaches.
4. Blood Feeders:Bed Bugs,Fleas.
5. Rodent Control:House mice,deer rats,roof rats.
6. Spiders:Daddy long legs,house spiders,jumping spiders,wolf spiders.
7. Ants:Carpenter ants,moisture ants,house ants,pavement ants.
8. Flood Pests: Cigarette beetles,beetles,flour beetles,granary weevils,saw-toothed grain beetles,silverfish,varied carpet beetles.
9. Fabric Pests:Clothes moths,silverfish,carpet beetles,weebing moths.
10. Nuisance Pests:
11. Pre & Post Construction Termite Control:Damp wood termite,subterranean termites.
12. Ground Beetles,Carpenter Beetles
13. Gel Treatment & Herbal Technology

Why Best Care Pest Control?

* We are experienced, skilled, and trained pest management professionals.
* We survey, study and then carry out the activities by using through knowledge of the target.
* Our service is quick and as per scheduled time
* We know where, when and what quantity of pesticide to be applied.
* We use correct droplet size, density and distribution of insecticides for best results.
* We provide good supervision for each and every activity.
* We believe in total pest management and not only control.